Edwards' Rabbitry

Senior Bucks


Edwards' Maverick - Tort Buck - 2 LEGS (BOB, BOS)

 Camelot's Spartcus x Edwards' Breezy

DOB: 8/14/11

Edwards' Hugo - Tort Buck

Edwards' Maverick x Edwards's Nyx


LL Drive By - Broken Blue Tort Buck - 1 LEG (1st)

LL Zack x Broo's Rampage

DOB: 4/29/12

Edwards' Cosmo - Broken Tort Buck - 1 LEG (BOS)

LL Drive By x Broo's Little Bean

Edwards' Bullet - Broken Black Buck

Edwards' Maverick x Edwards' Celestia


working on otters, blues, and shadeds (seal, siamese sable, sable point, blue point, and smoke pearl)

Lori's JC1 - Black Otter Buck

Smith's Jet x Lori's CBM3