Edwards' Rabbitry

For Sale

Updated 4/14/14


Edwards' Raven - Black Jr. Doe - $40

 Edwards' Cosmo x Edwards' Sophia

DOB: 11/25/13

This doe has lots of width, and a very nice head.  Her biggest fault is her slipped crown.  She is molting right now as well, so please ignore the odd fur texture.  Great bloodlines on this doe (LL/Broo, Camelot, & Antonioni).

Edwards' Cami - Broken Blue Tort Jr. Doe - $20

Edwards' Zeus x Edwards' Celestia

DOB: 11/19/13

This is a young, big brood doe.  She wont pose to save her life and doesn't like being handled.  She has a nice big head, wide body, and full hindquarters.  Short in the shoulder and a slightly slipped crown.  Would also make a nice pet.

Edwards' Cassanova - Broken Tort Sr. Buck - $150

LL Drive By x Broo's Little Bean


Cassanova is a really nice buck, but so far he can't beat his brother Cosmo on the show table.  I also have kept his sister Celestia.  Just don't need all 3!  Have used and am currently using for breeding.  Nice lines, nice all over rabbit!